MCIPD Experience Assessment Buddy Up

Hi Everyone,

I started my MCIPD EA yesterday and hoping to find individuals at a similar stage in the process who I can buddy up with. On initial review of the materials etc, I feel quite overwhelmed and would love to be able to have a chat with someone who is currently working through the EA or recently completed.

Any and all advice/support will be greatly appreciated!
  • Hi Rosie, I completed my submission for MCIPD on April 9th, and a couple of weeks away from PD. Yes, It can be overwhelming, had the same feelings. My recommendation is to spend some time on the structure of all the qs - some may need more than one answer, some maybe related to one another etc etc, before you get started on the framework of your answer. If I can be any help at all do msg me :)
  • Hi Rosie,
    I have started by MCIPD EA today and have been reading through all the information!
    I'd love to buddy up and share thoughts.
  • Hi Rosie
    I started mine a couple of weeks ago and like you am feeling overwhelmed. Happy to buddy up

    Also will be grateful for any support, help and tips that anyone can share.
    Thank you
  • In reply to Nahida:

    Also interested as started mines this week!


  • In reply to John:

    Hi John,

    I've signed up to do the telephone assessment route, hows yours going?
  • In reply to Ellie:

    All done. Professional discussion happened 21 of last month. So I assume I’m due the feedback soon.

    If you wish you chat you’ll find me on LinkedIn.