FCIPD upgrade prep

Hi all,

I've started looking at the criteria for upgrade to FCIPD and can identify good examples for most of the business areas that are assessed.  However it would be helpful to hear from others in this position how they interpreted the example of 'how you've built the capability of people professionals or contributed to the development of the people profession'.  

I'm in a standalone role so no HR team to mentor/develop and I've hit a wall on this one.  Any thoughts welcomed!



  • I have tried to forget the stress involved in applying
    Your local branch should have a membership adviser who can 'advise'
  • Haha - fair enough! I’ll drop them a note and ask. Thanks
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    11 Jun, 2021 09:11

    Hi Stephanie you may have already seen this on our website but here's a bit more info about updrading to Chartered Fellow www.cipd.co.uk/.../chartered-fellow - best of luck with your upgrade!
  • Perhaps you could discuss how you have built the capability of line managers or directors to handle people-related issues? If you are standalone, I am inferring that you can't handle every single issue yourself so have had to equip your managers to act confidently and appropriately.

    It may also be worth thinking about your participation in your local CIPD groups / any roles you have outside work?