Career break returner programmes


Is anyone aware of any returnship programmes that are specifically targeted at HR professionals returning to employment after a career break?

I have found quite a few schemes that accommodate those with finance, legal and IT backgrounds but struggling to find anything for HR.



  • Hi Liz, and welcome

    This is a coincidence; I was at a meeting recently where this topic came up. Apparently there are consultancies that will set up this sort of scheme but the feeling at the meeting was that this was something that could be designed in house - it doesn’t have to be rocket science.

    I have started thinking about women returners’ schemes in general. With HR, you’d need to include getting their specialist knowledge up to date, especially employment law, but otherwise I would think you could read directly across from the schemes you have found for other professions.

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    Thanks for your reply, Elizabeth. I am actually looking for a scheme to join myself rather than designing one for an organisation (although I would happily lead a project to design one too if anyone is interested!).

    Interestingly, since I posted yesterday I found that professional services firm Deloitte have moved away a structured returnship programme wiith intakes at set points in the year. They now offer return to work support on a wide range of experienced hire roles (including HR roles). Really like this move to normalise recruitment of career breakers, embedding post-career break support as just something that is part of the induction process..
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    Hi Liz
    I was going to suggest Deloittes, as I have seen them advertising for flexible working opportunities also.