Getting into HR

Good Afternoon All,

Just completed my level 3 and is now looking to start as career as a HR advisor and I'm finding it difficult to even get an interview. I am currently working as a tore manager and done some HR duties. Can anyone advised on the best was for me to start climbing the ladder.

Your respond will be greatly appreciated 



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    Hi Emma,
    I am looking for admin / assistant role but no success at the moment.
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    Just keep making applications, even if you need to make 1,000 to get an offer, as you only need one to then break in. Time and pressure is the answer. I have made 81,500 worldwide with the click of the profile button on LiinkedIn over the past four years, although I don’t do that anymore.

    There is no immediate answer or instant solution. You have to just keep doing what you are doing and hope for a breakthrough overtime. You may get a job today, this time next week, next month etc.

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    Are you getting interviews but not getting the job? Or are you not getting interviews?
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    Hi Fiona, no interview. just getting there are candidates more suitable and experience than you.
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    Hi Andre,
    Thank you. I will keep making applications .