Proposal for HR Officer In Current Employment

Morning all,

I was wondering if any of you have experience in putting a proposal forward for a HR professional in your current workplace and some example/structure of how to do it. I currently work as an estate agent and do little bits that can be considered as HR, training, inductions and authorising holidays etc.

However i would like to become more quaified, hence why i have enrolled on the Level 3. I really like the company i work for and really believe they could benefr from more formal HR, they currently have nothing in place but the MD who spins millions of plates, we have about 80 staff in total. I would like the job but will have to put forward why i think its needed.

Any advice would be great! Thanks,


  • Hi Adam
    I have a business resource plan I put forward to a previous employer with a job description for an assistant administrator if that helps? You could amend the job tasks etc to suit. Let me have your email address and I will send to you if you want it.
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    Hi Lisa, That would be fantastic! My email is adam.eeles@googlemail.com. Thanks for the quick response. I am wanting to do it ever the next few months, so a good start would be a massive help. Thanks again, i look forward to recieving it.
  • In reply to Adam:

    I have been searching and can only find the JD. I know I had it 100%. I will keep looking and hope I find it for you. Lisa
  • Hi Adam,
    U have enrolled for level 3 is already a great start! Congrats and wish u good luck.
    I also started for a company at a similar stage as yours. Let me tell you the fact, it is not going to be easy to bring in a HR process ( Formally) but you can do it with continuous effort. Dont get de motivated at any stage. Keep trying as hard as you can.
    Employment law can be of some help to you. Order the employment law book from Cipd and read it whenever you get some time just for a basic knowledge ..no need to go in detail at this stage. You will learn as you you go in practice. But i think it is very essential for any HR.
    Again, wishing you all the best with your journey as a HR professional.