What HR agencies would you say it’s most reliable?

Hi all

I am currently job searching for HR vacancies, I am new to hr( been working for more than a year) and had been contacting the agencies such as Hays, Page Personnell , and other less well known names , they were all seem to helping less than my expectations. 

Can anyone recommend some good agencies in HR so I can proceed quicker in my job searching? I’ve also done indeed and LinkedIn. 

I’d like to hear your opinions. Thanks in advance. Much appreciated


  • What are your expectations?
    A common misconception by job seekers is they are NOT interested in helping you.
    Agencies make money by placing candidates in roles. The money comes from the company with a role to be filled. In a market such as HR which has a large number of candidates for fewer roles, it does not make sense for them to be helping people. They can have the pick of ideal candidates and make money more easily. They are sales professionals, not career counsellors.
    I'm also confused with why you mean when you say you have "done" Indeed and LinkedIn. Indeed is a job board (new positions regularly) and LinkedIn in social networking with job postings too. Are you following up applications on Indeed? Are you contacting local companies? Are you networking on LinkedIn? Approaching local businesses directly to ask if they are recruiting?
  • At this level it is largely a transactional service rather than a personal one. You shouldn't expect (by and large) to be more than a commodity they can place and earn a fee and largely their loyalty and focus is (rightly) on servicing their customer and keeping their customer happy rather than you as the candidate. It can be down to which agent/consultant you deal with and how much they see value in working with you (ie how quickly they think they can place you)

    As you progress in your career it does get better but if you look at various forums and sites you can see its never perfect and lots of people moan about this all the time.

    You need to drive your own job search activity rather than relying on a third party to do it for you.
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    Crossed with excellent advice and largely on same lines
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    Understood. Thanks Keith.