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Hi everyone You may have guessed from my last few posts that my new role was extremely challenging. No policies/procedures in place and very badly run by senior management. I have literally been banging my head against a wall. They couldn't even get my contracted working hours right....one manager thought X and another Y so I was constantly confused!!!! My job has now come to a mutually agreed end so if anyone knows of any roles in the South West of England, please let me know. I am available immediately Many thanks Lisa
  • I find myself in a similar situation - all the best with your job hunt!
  • Me too - end of maternity cover contract looming. Good luck on your job hunt.
  • If you're anywhere near Bristol then speak to Fiona Vennbrook at Purple House Recruitment is a fantastic specialist HR recruiter. She was really helpful when I was looking for a new HR role this summer.
  • I too am still looking. I have just been told that although my experience is excellent, they felt that I was too strong a candidate. It turns out the Director is a bit of a bully and doesn't really respect his HR team and only wants them as advisory. I don't know what to do now, do I stick to my principles or do I become a "wet blanket" as they recruitment consultant suggests if what they are looking for. I'm dumbfounded. Good luck in you search and keep telling yourself the right job is out there.
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    Good idea Victoria! I haven't used Purple House myself but did receive very positive feedback about them when I was last on the job market.
    Lisa - wishing you the very best in your job hunt, I hope you find the enforced change proves to be a silver lining.
  • Another vote for Fiona Vennbrook at Purple House HR.

    And good luck with your search.

    Hello to all the South Westers!

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    Thank you everyone for your supportive comments. I am actually happy and relieved to be out of such a toxic environment. I couldn't do right for doing wrong...I am 51 yrs old, worked all my life and I have never before been told "when you are on the phone in future, go in a meeting room as you are very loud"....it was a huge open plan floor with many companies on a construction site so lots of noise....
    They were non compliant on HR, quality and safety and they only employed me to "tick a box" so didn't like me pointing out their failings.
    I am enjoying the break but look forward to getting back to work..
    Hopefully soon
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    Oooh! Applied for a job advertised by them last week so fingers crossed x
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    Do not become a wet blanket. Stick to your principles and ethics. I am sure the perfect roles are.out there for you and me both. Good luck x
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    Thank you, I have another interview tomorrow.