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I know there are quite a number of posts on this about upgrading, but I couldn't find what I was looking for hence this post.

This will be my second time trying to get this.  When I failed the first time, the feedback I received was helpful but before I had a chance to resubmit, they changed the form. 

I would really not want to fail a second time but I am finding the first couple of questions on the new form a bit daunting and I was wondering if anyone who has went through this recently would be willing to share what topics they used as their "improved people approach or intervention" and  "planning and implementing people change".  I am really just trying to get an idea of what is expected so I can make sure I pick (what are hopefully) the right examples from my experience.


  • Just to add, I am only trying to get confirmation of what CIPD would consider a "people approach or intervention" and what is considered "people change" to assist me with using the correct type of examples for my assessment.
  • In reply to Louise:

    Hi Louise

    For the first one, perhaps a change to the 'normal' way your company would manage an issue that proved to be effective in resolving the problem.

    In people change, that could be a cultural or structural change. Perhaps something where you've been required to engage with others to get them on board with a new approach.
  • Following. I understand why the questions are so general but it would be helpful to have some examples of scenarios that would be acceptable…I'm autistic and my lack of imagination is showing (although I'm sure I do have relevant experience)!

  • In reply to Rachel:

    Could you have a look at your last couple of performance reviews and write down your most recent achievements. It's likely that they will fit in to some of the questions being asked in one way or another!
  • In reply to Caroline:

    I have plenty examples of things I can use from my current and last role but with the topics being so general I don't quite understand what they are getting at/looking for that I am worried about putting something as an example as a "people approach or intervention" to find out that what example I used isn't what they meant as its so vague, as Rachel said it would be useful for some acceptable scenarios so you know you are using the right sort of example
  • In reply to Caroline:

    That's fair, I will, and the CPD question will be simple enough to answer... I suppose I just wanted to gauge the kinds of things people submit. Maybe I'm getting caught up in semantics but some of my experience I'm unsure whether the CIPD would see as fitting in the improved people approach/intervention question V.S the people change question...so it would be helpful to see how people approached these.
  • Hi Rachel, I’d be interested in this too! Seeing an example for me.... brings it to life. The language CIPD use doesn’t translate easily into my world.

    Have you seen the assessors will support? You can opt in to additional tutoring? Perhaps you have a manager that you could discuss some examples with? I’d be keen to set up a study group if that would be helpful? Nothing quite like sharing experiences with others on the same journey. PM me if so and we can set something up.
  • Hi Louise, I’m in the same boat, see below re study group. Perhaps this would help?