Moving into the HR sector

Good afternoon, I currently work as a Customer and Trading Manager at Sainsburys PLC, and I am looking at moving to the HR sector. Has anyone any tips that would support me in the transition? I currently keep applying for jobs as an HR Advisor but I keep getting rejected due to experience. Can you advise what I should do? I'm currently upskilling myself by revisiting the CIPD profession map and on my IT skills e.g. Microsoft office. Thank you in advance. Hamza
  • Good old Sainsbury's - no longer any HR teams in store (which if there were, I would suggest you moved into). That's where I learned my skills in HR and then was made redundant. I think you really need to add in what skills you complete in the store on your c.v. as HR areas, because I know what upskilling and training went in to the Managers pre-HR ending, but obviously I don't know now what the training is like, if any with HRS.