Advice on progression

Hi all, Just wanted to gauge some of your experienced thoughts and opinions here. Like a lot of people that have commented on this forum, I struggled to get my foot in the door of HR even with a CIPD level 3 and plenty of admin experience. I landed a solid HR Officer role and and after 3 years I'm ready to progress as there is not much scope at my current company, however I'm having trouble getting responses from vacancies I'm more than qualified for. I really don't want to struggle like I did 3 years ago just to get another role and have almost exhausted all options. Any suggestions where I may be going wrong or could improve? Any input will be much appreciated.
  • Hi Carole welcome to the forums as you have found there are lots and lots of other threads with similar questions so worth a read for advice and guidance

    Based on what you have said its impossible to give you are real practical advice or guidance as too few details. My one guess is that your title of HR Officer may not match the job you have been doing. Its rare for a HR Officer to be an entry level role and (no disrespect intended) it could well be that there is a mismatch between recruiters expectations, your skills and the roles you are applying for. Its that I would be looking at possibly. (whilst there are no hard and fast "rules" in many organisations if they use the term HRO - many now don't - it would perhaps be the third step in a HR structure not the first)

  • Hi Carole,
    Don't assume you are doing anything wrong, it may just be that the current market is particularly tough.

    You may like to review your approach to completing the application - are you focusing on your strengths, do you have personal examples that you can include? How much networking do you do, particularly in the HR community? Perhaps review the forums that you are involved with, are there anymore that might help get you noticed?