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Hi All, I am on the process to reviews and update my CV for job's hunting - Just wondering if is there any HR professional I could ask for a general feedbacks on my Cv. I don't think CIPD offers any of this service as a such in their career support. Also, anyone willing to do a job interview role play with me please? The last time I had an interview was 5 years ago and I just feel bit "out of the box" right now. thanks million for any advice .
  • Hi Patrizia, I think you are probably correct in saying the CIPD doesn't offer a CV service, however you may like to check out the Career Hub on this website, I think somewhere around the careers section there is some advice around producing a good CV but this link may still help with your query: www.cipd.co.uk/.../career-hub
    Some forum members may still offer some help with providing feedback, I hope you find some good advice and resources.
  • Hi Patrizia,

    I' be happy to offer some feedback on your CV - just email to me at ginnie@jobsearchwarrior.co.uk

    If you have a look on the Career Hub I think you can practice a mock interview on there.

    Good luck!
  • Hi Patrizia,

    I work in talent acquisition, so I’m happy to take a look and help if I can! I’m on furlough at the moment but you can email me on emilyfbridger@googlemail.com

    Take care,
  • Hi Ginnie, Only seeing your reply now & thank you so much for your offer and timing, it is very much appreciated. I will be emailing you later on today. thank you again Patrizia
  • In reply to Patrizia Cerruti:

    Hi Patrizia,
    Will keep an eye out for your CV. Happy to hear where I can.