Getting an HR entry level position?

Hi all, I’m currently studying my CIPD Level 3 Foundation Diploma in HR Practice, and am hoping this will either lead to me going into an entry level HR position either on completion or during the course. However, I am really struggling to even get an interview with most companies advertising for entry level HR positions. I know the recruitment climate is tough just now, but just wondering if anyone had any advice on how I can edge myself that further forward? Just to give you all a bit of background – I don’t have any work place HR experience...I work as an administrator within the financial services industry. I’d really appreciate any pointers/advice that anyone can give me. Thank you! Ben.
  • Hi Ben

    Good luck in your studies and in your getting into HR , its a tough job to start out in but it is possible. There are lots of threads with people asking similar questions so if you use the search facilities you will find lots of helpful suggestions - main thing is perseverance, networking, trying to gain short term experience (where you are or volunteering, and did I mention perseverance?

    Heres one to get you starts

  • Hi there, I was in a very similar position 2years ago and managed to get a role as a HR Admin. I think its important for you to consider the transferable skills you have and use them to highlight how they would fit into a HR environment. It is hard, but you will get there and once you have that 1st role on your CV it does get easier! Good luck in your search!
  • Have a look specifically for job adverts that say they are open to people with no HR experience. I have put quite a few job ads out for entry level HR roles where we’ve just asked for a strong administrator who is interested in HR. Then in your application talk up your relevant transferable skills rather than your (lack of) HR experience.

    If you are so really struggling to make in-roads you might want to consider looking for an in-house recruitment role. These are often adjacent to or part or the HR team, and the NHS has many such roles (look for Recruitment Administrator, Recruitment Coordinator). This can be a useful stepping stone as there are lots of transferable knowledge and skills to a generalist HR role where you are likely to advise on recruitment related issues, but they are potentially less picky about recruiting someone with a HR/Recruitment background.
  • Hi everyone!

    Thanks so much for your words of encouragement - these really meant a lot!

    I have today been offered a position as an HR Apprentice with a large, reputable company in Dundee. I am so chuffed and over the moon!

    I will still continue with my CIPD course, but an so glad I have finally started on what I hope to be a long career ladder within the HR profession!
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    Good luck in your new role.
  • Well done. Wishing you all the very best.
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    Hi Ben,

    Congratulation to your first HR role, it's good to see that is not impossible to get into HR and your story gave me a bit of hope. I am in a similar situation as you were. I have a little HR experience and I’m currently studying my CIPD Level 3 Foundation Diploma in HR Practice. I worked as an Office Manager and assisted in HR admin for a fin-tech startup. This is my 5th month without a job. I try to do my best, but it's very hard. I would like to ask you what platform did you use for your job search or what is your suggestion about what is the best way to search and apply for jobs? I am over 25, so I won't fit in the current government program where they support the employers to hire graduate students.