Virtual HR Admin

Hello everyone, I need some guidance or truth telling! I’ve worked towards an HR career for a long time but life got involved and my main experiences are the recruitment industry within admin work for over 4 years. I decided to take the plunge and do my CIPD Level 3 Diploma in HR last year where I’ve successfully finished. Obviously life happened again and corona took my current role along with any ability to find another. I’ve tried everything humanly possible to get my foot in the door in HR I’m currently volunteering at a charity as an HR Administrator to get the direct experience. Now I’m wondering if it would be worth starting a virtual HR self employed role, offering HR Admin help to companies. Is this something that companies may pursue? I’m really struggling in this climate and have a mortgage to pay and HR is my dream career that I’ve worked so hard to get. I have passion and ability just need my break!
  • Hi Sophie. I am sorry that I can't really help you with this. I think you should really consider how you can promote yoursslf and how you can find different organisations. I am also trying to start a career in HR but haven't succeeded yet. However, I had an interview last week despite the fact that I haven't done anything related to HR as a work experience. I don't know the result yet but my point is that even now some people may have a chance to change their career. So, don't give up.
  • Hiya Sophie

    I hope you are successful in your endeavours

    I am sure someone has made a success of offering HR admin services to SMEs so it is probably possible. The difficulty is they are unlikely to pay much and will need persuading why they need someone to do this for them.

    But it will be incredible hard work. You will need an awful lot of clients. You will need pretty good systems and process and you will need to show why they should go with you with your relative lack of experience. It would be quick and it won’t be easy.

    I would want you to go into this with your eyes open. It will be Incredibly tough.

    If you do go ahead - the best of luck.