Employer Branding

Hello Everyone! Can I get your thoughts on what baby steps I can take towards employer branding for my organisation? Thanks
  • Hi Amake
    At the end of the day employer branding is about the actual employee environment that staff experience - as opposed to a pretty set of words that are often little more than pious aspirations. Consequently those who have the actual brand in their hands are the day to day manager of the company who deliver this brand throught their behaviours. With this in mind a good starting point is to understand the current understanding of managers with respect to the brand they believe they are embodying (Phase 1), then to test nwhether this is how staff actually perceive their experience (Phase 2).
    From here you can feed back to management on the current situation and move into Phase 3, which would be about making managerial decisions on the brand/image that is desired. Thereafter :
    Phase 4 = gap analysis
    Phase 5 = action plan for change and communication + implementation
  • As most of us are HR, it might be useful to explain what do you need it for.
  • Hi Amaka

    I work for a creative agency that does branding, and I also work in HR so can approach this from both sides :-)

    Does your organisation have a "brand" externally? Does it have core values/mission/vision etc that are already communicated? If so, do those align with what it's really like to work there?

    We did some work on this internally, we started with a staff workshop and said to everyone [because we are small, but you could do this with just managers/dept leads if you are a big company] "What is special about us? Why is it nice to work here? What would you tell your friends about the company you work for?" It was quite a fun and involved session with post-it notes etc (you can't obviously do that right now, but there are virtual alternatives e.g. Miro that allow you to create a collaborative board).

    We then worked to group those thoughts into some broad themes and then the senior management team did some work on which of these things really resonate with our business and how we perceive it. It's important that the management agree or it won't be a true reflection of the company culture they are running.

    Once we had agreed on the values around the brand, we ran other workshops about how we embody those values and what that looks like day to day. E.g. collaboration is important to us, that means: sharing the workload; never leaving one person in the office working on a deadline; listening to other people's opinions; running workshops to gather feedback; agreeing on processes and not making unilateral decisions, etc etc.