FINALLY! New HR Apprenticeship Role - Job Offer

Hi all!

I have some great news - part way through my CIPD Level 3 Foundation Diploma in HR Practice, I have landed myself an HR Apprentice role within a large, reputable in Dundee!  I am over the moon!

Even though the position is only temporary for one year, I am hoping this will lead on to further HR roles within the business, or within the HR profession in other large organisations.  I definitely feel like the ball is rolling now!

For anyone who is in the same position as I was and looking for an HR position while doing their CIPD qualification, take every opportunity and bits of advice, and support, that is available to you.  That's what I did and I am really seeing the benefits now.

The hard work has well and truly begun now!

Good luck to everyone who is in the same position as me...and always keep the faith!

  • Hi Ben, very many congratulations to you! It makes such a lovely change to read happy and positive news during these trying times. I really hope this role provides a good solid foundation to your HR career and the very best of luck with your studies. I hope you celebrate in fine style. :-) Keep in touch please with the forum, it would be good to hear how you are progressing and, of course, we're always ready to share some worldly wisdom.
  • In reply to Clare Marie:

    Thank you, Clare Marie! :-) Any tips you have going into this job would be greatly appreciated. Very exciting times ahead!
  • In reply to Ben:

    Hi Ben, my immediate thoughts are: what happens in the workplace does not always match the text books so be prepared to be flexible, empathetic and practical.
    Do all you can to work on your listening skills.
    Be prepared for people to tell you how to do your job and when they do just smile and count to 10 before you say anything.
    HR tends to be considered by some people as marmite. I have managed to build bridges with some colleagues who have previously loathed HR with a vengeance so be prepared for some hard work. Thinking about it you may like to look up the work done by Robert Cialdini and his Science of Persuasion.

    There are massive highs and greater lows with HR but you're gonna be just fine kiddo. :-)
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    Thank you, Clare Marie! That's really helpful, long term advice.
  • Congratulations Ben - I know how hard it can be to get that first role in HR.