Transferring from Operations to HR

I have almost finished the Level 5 course and, after nearly 20 years of operational people management, I am looking to move to HR proper. I have a great deal of experience but really don’t know what level role I should be applying for - has anyone else done this? Does anyone have any good advice for how transfer successfully?
  • Hi David

    How to get into HR and the level of work v level of qualification are probably the most frequently asked questions in these communities. Try the search function and see what you can find - it should be plenty.
  • Hi David, depending on what opportunities are available to you, I would say find a role that is an HR Generalist role that supports an "HR Business Partner" or " HR Manager" the idea is to gain experience from someone who is an experienced HR Professional and use your Operational background to support while the HR Professional delegates some of the responsibilities to you. again my comment above is based on the assumption that there is such an opportunity