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Hi everyone. I am after some advice if possible. A few weeks ago I had an internal job interview which I was unsuccessful for. I have been invited for another interview for the same role but within a different area of the business following a further application, however my interview panel is the same panel that interviewed me that I was unsuccessful for. What's everyone's thoughts as I think this is somewhat unfair and would have liked the slate clean when I'm interviewed again? Thanks in advance of any help.
  • On the other hand, if it was a close—run thing between you and the person that was offered the first role, it might be considered an advantage to have already interviewed with this panel? My company is small and so would have the same interview panel for most roles. We wouldn’t invite the same person back to interview for another role unless we thought they stood a chance of getting it!
  • Agree with Maya, you've nothing to loose - THEY have invited you !
  • Have you asked for feedback after the first interview? It would be helpful to have a steer about whether you were just not quite as good as the person appointed, or whether there was a gap that you need to address. Also, does your company usually interview all internal candidates or only those they might actually appoint? I've known both, and that's clearly an important distinction here for you.

  • Hi Nina I did get feedback, it was to get further exposure within the industry. I have been further encouraged to apply for this role and have many years experience and transferable skills that would be ideal for the role. Maya and Ray are right I have nothing to lose so I have accepted the interview and it's next week. Thanks everyone
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    Good for you, Philip, and good luck.
  • Thank you Elizabeth
  • Good luck. I think it is a good thing. They have invited you, so they are interested. It seems like it may have been one of those situations where it was close for the other role, so they are interviewing you for this one. Maybe they think you will be a better fit for this one.

    My advice would be, although it is the same Interview panel, make sure you get all the detail in your answers. It may be easy to subconsciously assume that they interviewed you before and know the answers you gave. So go in with enough detail as though it was the first time they've spoken to you.
  • It is actually a good thing that the same pannel members invited you for another role. This means that they probably see you fitting more in that role or giving you sort of a second chance! Good luck Philip