Careers talk - how should I make it engaging?!

I am a HR Manager for a multi academy Trust and have been asked to give a careers talk to the Year 10 students at the secondary school within our Trust.  I'm really keen to do this and genuinely think HR is a great career but want to make sure it's engaging and relevant for the students...have a vision of a load of bored teenagers staring back at me!  Anyone got any ideas for things I could do/include and also an interesting/engaging title for my talk?  Any help appreciated!

  • Make up or use real scenarios - say employment law ones and ask the students whether they think the employer is in the right, or whether the employee is in the right or what ever. You could split them into small teams, 3 or 4 in a team and make a little competition of it.

    It matters not what they learn - but they'll have fun, learn just a little and may well find it sparks an interest in the future. Don't make it too complicated - the objective being to get them to have a bit of fun and get some insight.