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Restructure and applying for new role

Hi I am after advice and your professional opinions please: My department have recently had a restructure, which we were advised of at a staff business meeting! A few days before hand I was offered a promotion as part of the new structure- however this was not the role I wanted and I was not given any chance to apply for the other roles that were available! It was pretty much this is the role we want you to have take it or leave it! I have been told it’s a stepping stone to my next position however what I cannot get out of my head is why were the two roles that were available in the new structure not advertised internally and then staff who were interested could then apply, be interviewed and then the best person for the role would get the job! Is this not the way things should be done or am I missing something here? I feel like speaking to my line manager about this so I can get some answers and then decide on what I want to do Thanks in advance
  • I don't really see the problem but if it is bothering you then talk to your manager
    Employers like to manage and employees want to feel that they are in control. This dilemma will always be there as will the contrast between the public and private sectors.
  • In reply to Peter Stanway:

    You have been offered a promotion, so they value you and want to keep you. isn't that really positive? It's unlikely you have a "legal" case against them and before talking to your manager be clear what you hope to achieve? It's hard to undo the past and many organisations wont want to try.

    Organisations can generally offer jobs without advertising.

    There may be exceptions to this in redundancy situations where more open selection applies but does this actually apply here?
  • In reply to Keith:

    Hi Beverley

    Maybe reflect that for whatever reason it was thought you were best suited to the role you were offered. Unless your workplace has a clear procedure to internally advertise etc all arising positions, you probably have no formal grounds even for a grievance, but, even if that applied, as has been pointed out, doing that is unlikely to achieve much except to irritate people. Furthermore, even if they had, they’d probably have gone through the motions and selected who they preferred anyhow.

    No harm sometime possibly just asking very informally and casually and affably and at an appropriate moment something like “by the way, it’s been intriguing me a bit wondering why I wasn’t thought suitable for (the other jobs)?