Taking a break from career

Dear all,

Does anyone thinks taking a break( couple of months off) from the career would be a good idea, for the last few years I have bearly had time off due to Covid - felt like running a marathon! Would having a break impact CV and job hunting? 

thank you in advance


  • A couple of months here or there won’t make a huge amount of difference long term. But you have to be prepared with a sensible narrative about why your CV has a gap. What it’s there for.

    it might be slightly harder getting that first job back after your break. But given time and if you have a solid work history that shouldn’t be insurmountable. 

    I assume there are no sabbaticals etc in your current role? 

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    Hello Keith. Thanks so much for your quick response. Yes there were no breaks no leaves I could take in the long run due to heavy workload and limited number of staffs within the team. I could take days off during Christmas I think. But the company has spoken to me if I can finish my current employment until end of Jan as finding this position could be difficult. Currently thinking about that.
  • Mingchun, I'm with Keith. I'd like to say things have moved on since I joined the workplace although I am sure there will be people who ask about every gap and would be concerned. I wouldn't. People take breaks of a few months for a number of reasons. If you address it upfront as part of the telling the story of your career to date it will be a matter of seconds in that story. Many people do interesting things in their gaps too which can have a direct or indirect bearing on their work.

    The one practical consideration to make is around having enough money to see you through the gap with no regular pay coming in.

    Getting a new job at the end of a break might take some time and it's good to know you can survive financially during that time so there is less of a risk of taking a job because it's a financial imperative. The latter might result in some stressed choices whereas I imagine you'd prefer to make some relaxed, informed ones.

    Good luck.
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    Thank you Sharon. Very informative!
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    My pleasure. I'm a professional interim so have lots of 'gaps' in my t'raditional CV' so I am used to explaining to fellow HR professionals, who are my clients, what I do during them & also planning my business revenue to cover the times when I don't have fees coming in.

    Good luck. Taking a break can open up new opportunities to take your career in a fresh direction or refresh you for a long career, whether it's a permanent career or any other one.
  • I'm in the process of changing jobs, and a key criteria for me was the ability to take some time between roles. It means that my new employer has to wait a bit longer for me - but they are happy to do so in view of the circumstances. If you're in a position to do so, I wonder if that might be the best approach - to secure a job before you resign, but with a long lead time?

    Good luck!
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    Such great advice Nina. Good luck with the move yourself.
  • Hi Paula,

    My views are the same as everyone else's really: as long as you're confident in explaining it and have the money to see you through, then I think it'd be a lovely privilege to be able to take a bit of a personal break. I do think you'll very much have to own it though and I'd make sure that you were clear in your mind about what you were using the time for: it'd be a waste if you spent it stressed about finding a new role.

    I also think it shows great awareness of the importance of a work/life balance and focus on health and wellbeing (which I also think will be an asset for a new employer)!
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    Hi Nina thanks for the message. The new job I have been looking for do ask people to abroad ASAP! Maybe I do need to communicate with them
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    It might be worth indicating that you have a longer notice period/later possible start date than in your contract - so that if that gap is a deal breaker, they know it up front.

    Good luck.

  • Hi Everyone, I went on the CareerHub to find out some information, but is there anyone we can speak to when we are not sure what roles do we go for when it comes to the next step of the job change, i.e I am not entirely sure should I go for a generalist or specialist role.
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    Paula, there are some excellent coaches here and outside. I'd ask some of your close and trusted friends for coach recommendations, it's always good to go by recommendations, if you want more than a quick one off chat. I've used them personally during career transitions and found them well worth it.

    I have to declare I'm also a trained coach although it's not main focus of business and I'm mindful this is a learning, supportive community forum....not a touting for paid business platform. Good luck.