CIPD Profession Map


I have just started studying HR, with no HR experience and I need to briefly summarise the CIPD Profession Map.

I understand the 2 core professional areas, the specialist professional areas and the bands and behaviours.  It just that I need to start with the overall summary of the map 

Can anyone help please?

Many thanks


  • A
    good place to start is the Profession Map web pages, and the intro to the Profession
    Map in the PDF download.



  • Hi Tracey,

    I am currently in this position. How did you get started?

  • In reply to Theka Jnaye:

    Back in the days when it was the Engineering Training Authority or whatever, the present day SEMTA published a most inspirational and informative career route map that graphically and clearly showed the ( long but entirely navigable ) way via work based learning from an unskilled trainee to a Chartered Engineer.

    IMHO that's entirely as it ought to be, but rarely is, with the highest professional levels being open to anyone who's willing and able to go for them, free from such as needless academic qualification barriers but still requiring essential knowledge.

    Maybe this isn't nearly as detailed as the CIPD profession map, which I've only glanced at, but which seems very detailed about all the various levels but not so clear about how people get to ascend them.