Career Pathways

Good morning,

I work for a public sector organisation and we are considering introducing the following career pathways:

  1. Admin staff to take on a more para professional role
  2. Entry level post
  3. Aspiring managers

Does anyone have experience of introducing a scheme? Or knows of anyone who has- any help or signposting would be hugely helpful.

Thanks in advance


  • Hi,

    You might find our new podcast series on career pathways insightful.

    Career pathing
    Today's careers are failing both employees and employers. Employers are not getting the capabilities they need to drive growth and employees are not satisfied with their careers. CIPD and CEB worked together on a podcast series to reveal insights from both organisations around this topic.

    listen to the first podcast here at www.cipd.co.uk/.../career-pathing.aspx
  • In reply to Sarah:

    thanks very much Sarah. I'll have a look!