HR Advisor Certificate advertised on Reed - worth it?


I moved from a HR Administrator to HR Advisor role in February and I am keen to gain theoretical knowledge to supplement my experience.

I completed my L3 CIPD HR Certificate in HR Practice in 2014 and I want to do my Level 7. I can't do this at the moment because I am on a FTC (maternity cover) and I need job security before I can commit to the cost.

I saw an advert on Reed for a 'HR Advisor certificate': https://www.reed.co.uk/courses/hr-advisor-certificate--online/81339?extlinksource=job-search

It's £60 reduced from £320. It does not contribute towards any CIPD accreditations. 

I am tempted to do it for my own learning, but, as I will not go towards my next CIPD move, do you think it is worth it? Should I just wait to do my L7?



  • Hi Alicia,

    I wouldn't personally undertake a qualification which isn't delivered by an accredited provider, you can't be guaranteed that what you're learning is applicable. Could you not look at spreading the cost of the level 7 course, either with a college or online learning provider? I think I've heard others on here say they have been able to spread the cost.

    Good luck with your studies.
  • Hi Alicia. I personally don't see how it could hurt to do it, at £60 what have you got to lose? I think it's a positive thing that you want to invest in your own learning and development. Obviously, the CIPD level 7 is far more recognised as a professional qualification, however if that isn't financially viable for you at the moment, then certainly go ahead and do the HR Advisor course. I would just recommend doing your research first into who the course provider is and see if they have positive feedback/reviews from other learners who have used them previously. :-)