Level 7 Text books

I've had a search through the forums for anything similar to this, but could only find Level 5 rather than Level 7.

Fortunately I have managed to borrow some of the Essential reading books from colleagues, but as I am learning by mixed mode, I don't have access to a University library for the others.

I'm trying to find other ways of sourcing them but Amazon is expensive, CIPD 20% discount is not much cheaper and my local libraries (both in the county where I live and the county where I work) don't stock any of them (or editions that are too old).

Any ideas of where I can source any 2nd hand or others ways of finding them? Does the CIPD still have a library (I know it used too many years ago when I was studying Level 3) as I couldn't find it online now. I know there was a fee for getting them sent out by post.

  • Hi Clare, try Ebay for CIPD text books. Good luck with your studies!

  • Hi Clare

    i have all the CIPD books from level 7 which i completed last year. I am looking to sell them and was about to list on ebay however would be happy to arrange something with you
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    sorry forgot to say just send me a message if you're interested
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    Thanks - I don't have an E-Bay account as not very confident in using it yet.
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    Thanks. How do I message - do I need to do this via connect /request friendship on your profile?
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    yes, i think so
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    Not sure if you have seen my message yet?
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    Hi Clare

    sorry for the delay - I have been away. I don't appear to have any message from you though. i will send you a friend request.
  • Thanks to Lynette I have managed to obtain another 2 text books for other modules, but I am really struggling to find any cheap/2nd hand books on Performance Management through Amazon or E-bay. I am particularly looking for CIPD texts by S Hutchinson and I Robinson. Any ideas?
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    Hi Clare

    Do you mean ABE website when referring to Amazon? - usually, if a book isn't listed on abe website, it's an exceedingly rare occurrence
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    13 Nov, 2016 14:42

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    Not sure, just going straight to Amazon.co.uk. They do have the books but only full price or not much cheaper 2nd hand.
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    try Abe then
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    Thanks. Had seen that before when doing a Google search. However stil same price as everywhere else.
  • Resurrecting this post again as still having issues accessing books. Thanks to Lynette, I now have the main texts for my modules, but struggling to find much more on the reading list etc in an affordable way! CIPD Knowledge hub has been extremely useful for Journals, reports etc but am lacking somewhat in books as only been able to borrow/buy a few 2nd hand.
    I've contacted my local university where I live but they don't even have space for reference only visitor access at the moment. My old university does offer Associate Library membership, but that is about 5 hours drive away from home so not really an option!
    As far as I can see CIPD no longer offer a library service like they did years ago (I guess more is available online these days)?
    Has anyone else done a mixed mode/distance learning through a Training provider and come across similar problems or can offer any recommendations? (As I know a number of courses provide the books).
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    Hi, I am doing the employment law module with an online provider and was given access to the E book for the module via the online providers website as part of the provided text. It's Essential employment law 13th edition, Sargent and Lewis.