Distance Learning providers- CIPD Level 5 Diploma HR Management

Hi All,

I'm currently half way through my course and the tutor has left and the college is unable to support distance learning anymore. I'm currently looking into other online distance providers who can offer the CIPD Level 5 Diploma in HR Management. I have found a provider called ICS Learn. Has anyone completed this course or any other CIPD qualification with them? How did you find it? 

Thank you


  • Hi again Em,

    There is a current post asking the same sort of question that you may find helpful - www2.cipd.co.uk/.../60219

  • Hi Emma,

    I find ICS really suits my personal circumstances, the flexibility is fantastic. Webinars and Classes frequently and if you can't make them you can view the recordings.

    Customer Service, is hit and miss but the actual course content if you can get the hang of the website is really good.