Developing Professional Practice Level 5 diploma


I am studying for the level 5 diploma but I am not currently in an HR role.  I wonder if anyone who has done the DPP unit can assist. 

How did you use the profession map to answer Evaluate What it Means to be an Effective HR Professional relating the answer to the CIPD profession map?

2.1 and 2.2 Applying Project Management and Problem Solving Techniques

Is anyone able to give any examples as to how they answered this question please. The word count for the whole essay is 

2500 words and  I am not sure as to how much detail to put into this answer.  I have passed the other sections of this essay but these two are giving me a headache.   I am not very good at writing short essays. 


Any help would be gratefully received. 

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  • Hi did you get any pointers/ideas regarding this question that you posted. I'm in exactly the same boat as you.
  • Whilst I have worked in HR for quite some time, I'm often supporting or play a partial role in projects so wasn't sure how much I would be able to practically demonstrate for this in a HR context.
    I am studying via mixed mode ( work based learning) and I was able to provide an example of a project I was fully involved in within the team. Although not directly HR related (introducing a new corporate IT system into the team), I was still able to demonstrate all the learning outcomes and pass my assignment.
    Whilst you state that you are not in a HR role , are you working in another type of role that you could apply the same project principles too? How did you resolve any problems etc?
  • Hi Vanda, I studied my level 5 whilst in a management role not a HR role which made some of the assignments more challenging. I was advised to apply my knowledge of how I have seen it happen in businesses I have worked and critically analyse how this happened rather than talk about my direct involvement. Hope that helps. Debbie
  • hi ,
    i am also studying cipd level 5 diploma ,and i am going through the same issue as u went , and i currently i am not working so i am really confused how to answer the questions in assignment, regarding to provide examples for two project management techniques within hr context.i was hoping if you got any help for this and can help me in it ,it will be really grateful of you.
    best wishes
  • In reply to Wafa:

    did you get any worthwhile responses as I am in the same boat?
  • In reply to Heather:

    hi there,
    it was around 9 months ago, (5DVP)that was my first module, and yes I did not receive any kind of help from this group, I just figured it out on my own and did the assignment and passed it. now I am almost done with the last module. just start doing it, then you will get an idea of how to do it as you go on answering the questions. wish you the best of luck
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    Hi Wafa,

    I am currently doing 5DVP/02. I have submitted twice, what went well, what didn’t etc. Unfortunately failed each time ! Do you have any guidance at all? My email is jack_daniels0991@hotmail.co.uk

    Thank you in advance
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    Hello Jack,

    Would you be able to give me some guidance on different technics for solving problems

    So I can draft my assessment, I have the idea of what I want to explain but needs to be regarding different technics, but I can't find anything in my book I am going to use one SWOT for a current client problem, but just need one more for compliance process ( I work in a recruitment agency, any ideas of correct technic for this one?

    Many thanks, I will also email you to you directly.

    Many thanks!
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    hi Jack - did you get any feedback for you 5DVP/02? I'm doing it at the moment and really worried I will fail it as I'm not 100% what I'm supposed to include!
  • If you have any problem doing this assessment get in touch with me moserickal@gmail.com. I can offer guidance.
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    First you need to develop the map. The map describes :
    a. What you need to do
    b. What you need to know
    c. How you need to do it
    The map stresses on the professional areas of competence rather not on the organization structure nor the level of job or roles.