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14 Apr, 2017 16:05


I am looking into start level 3 HR certificate, I am in between those 2 on line learning platform. anyone that already did the course has any insight?

ICS is on sale now and is almost £800 cheaper than AVADO, not sure if there is any catch on that.


  • I used ICS. It worked out fine for me and once you get the hang of how it all works, it does the job.

    However, if you hope for interaction with your peers, I personally found their online community not easy to navigate and a bit hit and miss all round.
    It is quite possible they have resolved this now though.

    Good luck with your studies
  • It was a few years ago now but another happy ICS customer here. I recall the online community being a little clunky too but following the few classroom sessions, most of us added each other on LinkedIn.
  • I've used ICS previously and the resources available were beneficial, however, the online forums etc. were not particularly utilised well so there was limited interactions with other students. I have recently signed up with ICS again to do another course and can see already they have improved some of their methods by introducing webinars and live chat sessions to engage and communicate with students. Perhaps one thing to consider is how long are ICS giving you to complete the certificate if you for any reason need an extension there is a fee over and above what you have paid to do the course.
  • Have you considered MOL? They are a not for profit and don't charge VAT so might be cheaper. I'm actually studying L7 so don't know about pricing for L3 sorry.
  • ICS was great for me, too.
  • I started studying with ICS for my level 3 a few weeks ago and have found it good so far. Their student community is active, however there is also a CIPD 3 2017 Facebook group that is really good.
  • I seem to be the only one but I used Avado. My choice was driven by a need for distance learning as I started whilst out in the Middle East.

    To be as unbiased as possible - I got the qualification (Level 5 L&D) however I wouldn't use Avado again unless left with no option.

    I was not impressed by the tutor. The content wasn't bad as it's mainly taken directly from the CIPD, and then re-branded. Bits didn't always work straight away but they have recently upgraded their system (Avado took over Home Learning College which is the company I technically started with). Results would sometimes be delayed because of assessor details or system failures, and it seems like Avado didn't have a back up plan.
  • I'm currently on the last topic for the level 3 and I went with Avado. The online live classes are good and the tutuor is quick to respond to email questions. There is a facebook page and a number of us tend to use that as we all help and support eachother but some do post questions on the main site.

    Avado customer support is good and they can answer any of the questions. Just watch out though as sometimes there are offers about like your CIPD membership can be paid for in the price.
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    VAT has nothing to do with profit or non profit status - and everything to do with turnover - or they include it in the price. VAT is not chargeable on books, but is on online course content and other fees
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    Hi, what do you mean by the CIPD membership can be paid for at the price?