Level 5 without Level 3

Hi.  Please can you advise if these is any way I could complete CIPD level 5 without completing Level 3.  I am looking to move to another role, however have worked as a Personnel Manager for a large supermarket for 15 years.  Having looked at the course contents I feel that Level 3 will be too basic and it would be make more sense if I could start off at Level 5 and then progress to Level 7.

Thanks in advance.

  • Hi Catherine,

    Yes, you can go straight to level 5 without first completing level 3. I work as a standalone HR Manager for an SME and like you felt I wouldn't gain anything from a level 3 qualification, so jumped straight into the level 5 diploma in HRM. You may find that an assessor may want to conduct a short interview with you to evaluate if you have the skills and experience to be able to undertake the course. But given your 15 years experience, i can't see you having any issue.
  • Hi Catherine,

    Agree with Sarah. I did my level 5 through my local college. I don't have a degree and so was told I wasn't eligible to go straight to level 5 and would have to complete level 3 first. I attended two level 3 classes and then the tutor offered to move me to level 5. At the time, I had 6-7 years experience and as you say, the level 3 was just too basic.

    I'm sure with your experience, level 5 won't be an issue.

    All the best.

  • In reply to Sarah Mackie:

    Thanks Sarah. Did you complete yours online. If so, Which company did you use to gain the diploma ? Thanks. I'm just starting looking into this so I'm a bit naive at this point!
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    Thanks Jenny
  • In reply to Catherine:

    Hi Catherine,

    I did a mixed mode course through cHRysos HR solutions (in Doncaster). It was a roll on, roll off course that took 12 months to complete and involved 2 day workshops every 6 weeks with a written assignment that followed. For me it was the perfect learning environment i got to spend two days with other HR professionals going through the course material with the tutor.Having the structure of the workshops (which was also your assignment deadline) really helped keep my studies on track, however the provider was happy for people to take breaks or pick up missed modules at a later date.

    I think ultimately it depends on your learning style and what works best for you. I'm terrible at putting myself first and will always prioritise work rather then my development. So having those fixed deadlines and planned time out of the office helped to keep me on track. In all honesty i think if i had done an online course i still be on my first module :)

    I hope this helps and best of luck with your studies.

  • Definitely go for level 5.
    Cullen scholefield are very good.
  • Hi Catherine

    I recently completed the Level 3, and will be moving to the Level 5 course in September.

    I was intially told I had to do the 3 before the 5, but during my pre-course interview for the 3, my tutor offered for me to jump straight to the 5 given my 7+ years experience in the sector. I ended up doing the 3 first anyway, but that's a different story.

    Meanwhile, a colleague of mine is similar to your situation having been a Personnel Team Leader for 7-8 years, however she has skipped 3 and 5 completely and gone straight to the MA with Level 7.

    Hope some of this helps you.

    Good luck with your studies and role change.

  • Hi Catherine. I had been an HR Assistant for 14 years, when my boss left and my company offered me her role as Manager. I immediately applied to ICS Learn to complete an online/distance learning course and following a brief telephone interview they confirmed that my experience would make the Level 5 Intermediate Diploma in HRM a perfect option. I studied for 2 years and gained the qualification and Associate status in March 2016. I would say, with your experience, Level 5 would be the perfect entry option and I can highly recommend ICS Learn as the course provider, as long as you feel distance learning is the right pathway for you. I'm now studying for the Level 7 Advanced Diploma with them. Good luck.
  • I've just done Level 5 and hadn't studied anything anywhere since I left school in the year Dot - no, seriously, that was a loooong time ago - and although it was hard I was supported the whole way through by my local college and am now considering what to study next. If I can do it, you certainly can. Go for it and good luck.