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Hi All,

Currently completing my coursework and am completely stuck on my assessment brief. I need to analyse key forces that shape HR agenda. this can include models of HR functions strategies, insights, and solutions, that support business performance ethics, and accountability.

I am in no way asking for the answer, but after hours of searching online, and trawling 3 hefty books, i am none the wiser. Feeling pretty done in. If anyone could suggest websites/books for further reading i would really appreciate it. :)

Thanks in advance.

  • Hi there,
    How are you phrasing your question when doing on line search? A quick google search with me literally typing 'Key forces that shape HR Agenda' and there were a variety of sources. Off the top of my head I would say Technology and Legislation are a couple of areas that I can think of. Hope this helps
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    29 Oct, 2017 21:07

    Welcome to the Community, Michaela... lots of resources elsewhere on the CIPD website, too - e.g.

  • @Michaela

    Good suggestions from Cass. You could add (and explore in more detail)

    - economic envirnonment (macro, and company specific)
    - known and expected changes in society's behaviours (gig economy, train and retrain regularly throughout one's life)
  • Have they talked to you about PESTLE?

    There is some info on CIPD about this and I remember having to consider PESTLE for one of my CIPD assignments previously.

  • Not sure what books you have read or what level you are studying but for my Level 5 I found the following book helpful as it was marked as a key text:
    David Farnham - Human Resource Management in Context: Strategy, Insights and Solutions.
    Also CIPD website as Jolene has mentioned.
  • I would agree that Farnham is definitely your best text for this - talks about PESTEL, globalisation, organisational strategy, etc.