Struggling with Level 7 & Mgt Research Report


I'm all very new to this! 

I'm currently in the second year of my L7 HRM Diploma, and am struggling with my Management Research Report question. I have identified fairly broad topics and have had to revisit my subject area once already. I've currently refined this to two options: an analysis of the relationship between reward and retention (although I think this may be too broad) or looking at the effects/influences of E-Learning in L&D (something I know less about but it is a more concise) - I have thought about potentially exploring generational differences with this one....... 

Having always struggled with research where I set my own question (it almost cost me my A-Level history and my Master's degree....) I'm very concerned about it costing me my CIPD.

Just wondered if anyone had any good pointers for support or help?

Much appreciated!

  • As you can see from this, I'm so concerned that I've missed the 7 from Level 7 in the title! :)
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    Sorted :)
  • Hello there,

    I completed a Management Research Report as part of my MSc a couple of years ago. I found it helpful to link my research to a specific issue that my organization was struggling with at the time. That allowed me to look at broad topics/models in my literature review, but kept the whole report more concise. Hope that helps, if you have any other questions feel free to ask!
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    That's really helpful, thank you. I'm actually hoping to meet with our Learning & Development team to discuss what might be current and of use to them, which I can then relate back to the topic of Digital Learning. The organisation I work for have had a re-brand of their L&D function and as such, are reviewing the way in which some L&D is delivered. I've now scrapped Reward, so finger's crossed!
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    Sounds like a good plan!