Level 5, Unit 1 - Developing Professional Practice


I was wondering if anyone has recently completed the above until and are able to help me?

I'm after a bit of advise and guidance on how my submission should actually look - I'm struggling to get my head round it and any examples of work able to share with me would be so helpful.

I'm studying with ICS.

Many thanks


  • I recall someone else raised a similar query about this a while back -
    www2.cipd.co.uk/.../63311 (not sure how to add links so hope this works!)
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    Thank you Clare, i will have a look! :)
  • This is the link to CIPD study guides for students which are excellent - you need the one on how to write an academic essay. www.cipd.co.uk/.../study-guides
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    Oh yes, I forgot to mention these. I found the study guides very useful for how to reference etc.
  • Hi ~Rebecca,

    I've just completed level 5 so always happy to help out. :)
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    Hi Luigina

    Thank you - o you have anything you can share with me for unit 1?

    Are you able to direct message me?

    Thank you :)
  • I am the same, Rebecca, I have passed Level 3 but seem to be struggling over the format and structure of this one, I don't want the answers, just a template of how it should look.
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    I went straight to Level 5, i didn't do level 3, kind of wish i did now... but i'm enrolled onto level 5 now and need to get stuck into it ASAP! That's what i'm looking for too, have you watched this? www.youtube.com/watch
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    No, but I will do, pm me if we can help each other, that would be brilliant
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    Which part are you struggling with? I don't have anything to send over but if you let me know which parts your having issues with i can help with that, see if i can break it down easier for you.
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    Do other qualification providers not provide much information in relation to format and structure then?
    I was very lucky in that AheadHR provided a template with Learning outcomes and indicative content of what should be covered , although it is 'neither prescriptive or exhaustive' as you would go over the word count! It also appears that you don't always get a reading list either, as I was provided one with key texts and other journals/books etc which may be helpful.
    I found the study guides I mentioned previously helpful for me to understand more about what the assignment title is asking for - i.e. clarifies 'Define' 'Evaluate', 'Assess' etc.
    I did my CPP (now Level 3) just under 20 years ago so would have thought has changed significantly, but I do recall is quite different to what is expected at Level 5.
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    I’ve had it described as being led to the garden gate but I now have to step through and ‘go it alone’. I’m standalone along with a varied skill base and no other helpful colleagues are employed.
    No template or reading list although suggestions. Online reading is fine but my company is a charity and would struggle to pay for lengthy text books, so I’m trying to find as much as possible online.
    Any help is hugely appreciated
    Thank you
  • Hi there
    Some advice for you -
    Create a cover page with the unit title, your name and date of submission.
    Then look at Unit assessment page of the unit contents. It is right at the back.
    You will see that there are 3 Learning Outcomes and each of those outcomes has a number of assessment criteria.
    Use these to structure your report.
    You will then need to research the areas such as group dynamics and conflict resolution methods. The CIPD website is helpful and also a Google search can also be helpful. Do use recognised sources. Your provider may have also given you the recommended book for the qualification as part of your package so that will help too.
    You will also note for Learning Outcome 3 completion of the CIPD My CPD Map provides evidence for 3.1 and your CPD Plan does the same for 3.2 and your CPD Record does 3.3.
    Hope this helps!
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    Hi Lisa
    See my reply to another candidate and again even though Carol is on holiday you can contact me!!
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    I think it is just the starting of the work itself, like i just cant get my head around it. what did you use to define what professionalism is?
    Also, did you do all your references at the end?