How do I go about getting Exemption at Level 5 cost effectively?

Hi All

I have currently moved back to the UK, and am wanting to convert my current L&D qualifications (I have listed them below) that I obtained in South Africa to a Level 5 Diploma in Learning and Development with a CIPD awarded qualification? I am hoping to do this via exemption. I think its vital to have them converted, and feel it I would only gain from this. Once this is completed I am wanting to  to start studying my Level 7.

I have researched the Exemption option on the CIPD web page and find the cost hugely expensive for something that I have already paid for and completed in SA, is there a cheaper route to follow?

Current L&D Qualifications.

Occupationally Directed Education Training Development Practices (ODETDP National Diploma) NQF Level 5, 240 credits, SAQA I.D. 50332

National Certificate in Education, Training & Development, NQF Level 5, 120 credits, SAQA I.D. 50334