Level 5 - Assessment 1 - Developing Professional Practice


I have been out of education for a long time, and have never done assignment writing before. 

I'm only on the first one of my assignments and I'm really struggling with how to start my work.

Any ideas or help would be massively welcome!! I'm going mad and wondering if I've made the right choice starting it. 

Thanks in advance of any help!

Sarah :o)

  • How are you studying online/distance or class based? As when I studied my level 5 distance learning I was given learning outcomes and indicative content of what areas to include to ensure I was on the right track. The CIPD Study guides - www.cipd.co.uk/.../study-guides and Study Skills books are very useful and some were recommended in my reading list.
  • Hi, just found your post and wondering how you are getting on? I am in a similar situation and am massively struggling with the first assignment for DVP, can't even work out how to write an effective report!! Is there light at the end of the tunnel - does it get any easier?!!
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    Helen have you had any luck I’ve been staring at this assignment since Jan, I don’t really understand what the expectation is when the map is so huge!
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    How are you studying? I'm doing mine online and there's a formative assignment that you can do before the summative assignment. The formative is not marked so it's your chance to write a bit and get some feedback on how you're doing as the tutor will read it and leave comments on what is good and what could be better.
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    Hi Tania,

    Thank you for your reply I am doing mine with DPG, just don’t feel like the lessons really linked with the first part of the assessment brief, maybe I could try that but I feel that I am missing the point completely and starting to regret my choice on course.
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    Don't get to disheartened it'll all be worth it, in the end, I'm studying with ICS distance learning and come from a retail background and have limited knowledge of HR settings only what i have picked up over the last 5 years from getting advice from my own HR department. I have picked alot up from asking questions. If I can help please let me know.
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    Is there a 'student forum' on DPG?
    I'm doing mine with ISC and we do have a forum for the units (and a few of us who started around the same time have come together in a whatsapp group). I find it very helpful to have that community/forum - I think it's probably best to talk to people who use the same provider as you'll all need to do the same thing so you can bounce your ideas off each other.