Struggling to find a voluntary HR opportunity for experience & development?

Hi All,

I have just recently started a Masters in Human Resource Management with The OU and joined as a CIPD Student Member.

I currently work full time but not in a HR role; which is what i'm aiming for as I progress through the course. I have applied for HR roles but 'do not have enough experience'. Therefore I have been contacting local companies/ universities/ charities etc to gain some voluntary experience within their HR department. I have sent over 30 emails out but had few responses; the responses I have had haven't actually offered any experience.

I thought that the barrier may be employers being hesitant over confidentiality/ data protection but part of my current role is as Volunteer Coordinator so I deal with starter paperwork/ DBS Applications etc on a regular basis and have included this information in my emails.

I am happy to use my AL from work to volunteer one day per week if it's going to get me in the right direction.

So as I am not having any luck, is there anything else you can suggest I try to get some experience?

I live in Durham and work in Newcastle so am willing to travel to plenty of areas within the North East.

Thank You,