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I have been in HR for over 30 years, gaining my CIPD qualification in 1990. I would like to do some further study, and was wondering about either an MBA (quite pricey) or whether I should look at upgrading to a chartered fellowship of the CIPD. I don't work in a particularly strategic role, and for most of my career have held middle management roles, line managing others mainly as an HR generalist.  I'm not sure that I would qualify for fellowship on this basis, any advice very gratefully received

  • My initial thought is that the two are probably different things. One is mainly a professional status and the other is an academic qualification. Yes you can gain one by doing the other (not always though) but they measure and reflect different things.

    So actually which is more important to you - the extra study and learning and development from studying a course (and many would go down the MA route) or is it more the professional recognition and "status" you are looking at?
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    Thanks Keith, it is more the learning and development, studying a course rather than the professional recognition and status. Maybe I should research doing a Masters first.
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    Then I would probably say a Masters is the way to go. Its then a choice between an MA in HRM or an MBA depending where you see your career and where your interests are. Good luck

    I went down the MA in strategic HRM route a few years ago and found it very helpful
  • What's your main reason for thinking that you would benefit from further study, Fiona?
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    There are 1 year top up MA/MSc qualifications available to people who have te full CIPD qualification. They are a lot cheaper than doing a full 3 year course. It's something that I have considered, but decided that with between 5 and 8 years before i retire from HR, my time for further study has probably expired.

    I wish you every success with whatever you decide to do
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    Thanks Teresa, as I already have the full CIPD qualification, this might be an option. I don't want to cover all the things that I did for my CIPD qualification in 1990 (fully appreciating that things have moved on in the last 30 years)! I'm only hoping to be at work for a further couple of years myself, but think I might benefit from more studying in that time.

    As above Robey, I'm just not sure how I learn from being at work any more (sounding jaded I know)
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    So, if I understand you rightly, this isn't about pursuing professional advancement in any way and you're already fully qualified and expert in the execution of your job - you're just looking for an outlet for personal development.

    Which has to raise the question of why you are interested in pursuing HR or business learning at all. Why not do something entirely new, like creative writing or karate or a new language?
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    Yes, I could do something else I suppose although not sure about Karate! I have already learnt Italian and done a creative writing and painting course. Thanks everyone, will give it some further thought