Level 5: influence, negotiation and persuasion

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Please can someone break the following down into simple terms. I for some reason just can not get my head around examples of how I have applied influence, applied persuasion and applied negotiation.  

I have read a few models French and Raven, Cialdini etc but this just is not making sense in my brain!!! 

Any pointers would be gratefully received.  

Once I get this sorted I can submit it and move on!

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  • Opinion follows. Apply salt to taste. Your mileage may vary.

    It's a question of the power dynamic involved in each.

    Where the power dynamic is in your favour, you use influence.

    Where it is in the other party's favour, you use persuasion.

    Where it is equal, you use negotiation.

    Imagine a set of scales with the object of moving weight to achieving equilibrium. When you use influence, you are the heavier side and you pass weight to the lighter side. When you use persuasion, you are the lighter side and you draw weight from the heavier side. When you use negotiation, both sides are equal and must exchange equal weight.

    Note that although this can refer to differences in status, it doesn't have to. A power dynamic is responsive to circumstances. This is the point behind unions, after all. Get enough workers together and they have the power to negotiate, because they are, collectively, equal in power to their notional superiors.
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    Thank you, this is the direction I needed.
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    They should have asked that in the first place Robey.
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    Might be worth mentioning that there are typically distinct kinds of power / influence used: eg physical / coercive or charisma / charm / beguilement or financial / fiscal / or by authority / by appointment.
  • I like to work through Cialdini by relating it to outside of work.

    Social Proof - FOMO
    Authority - Mum
    Reciprocation - Favour
    Consistency - 'flakey friend'
    Liking - fwends (inbetweeners)
    Scarcity - online shopping/DFS

    Social Proof - is FOMO (fear of missing out) - it's the reason that we follow trends, it's the reason people can get you to have 'naughty' food when you are being healthy. We don't want to miss out or seen as not following others. Making people think everyone else is doing it, or talking about it. Reason I sat through Stranger things because I didn't want to not be part of the conversation.

    Authority - I link this to my 'mum' (you will have one person in your family) regardless of how old I get, if my mother asks me to do something i'm doing it. She has the authority. Authority works by either retaining it and being the 'stern one' or borrowed in which, I got my little sister to do a lot of mundane tasks I didn't want to complete; because 'mum' said so.

    Reciprocation - if I do this for you, will you do this for me. Or highlighting 'remember when' so can you do this etc.

    Consistency - people struggle the most with this. I explain it as stopping that 'flakey friend' from backing out of doing something. Getting them to confirm exactly what they will do and using it. So you definitely want to go for Mexican food. 100%? at 5 o'clock. Once they've confirmed you can say remember when you said. Consistency sits internal and external if you think you are a 'fun' person - people can use that e.g. 'come on you've got to come out you're always the life and soul of a party' and external is things such as tell me your three most important things you look for in a partner/house - right i've found x,y,z you agreed this is what you are looking for.... will you buy/go on a date

    Liking - more likely to do something for someone you like. Extreme push of building rapport, helping others out. 'you know you are my favourite' is more chance of influencing someone.

    Scarcity - fear of loss. Remember when DFS was constantly 'closing down' so they had sales, people went mad. My family bought two sofas we didn't need. Or when you spend an obscene amount of money on online shopping because it's free next day delivery.
    There's only two spaces left, i know a few people want to go, but i wanted to ask you first.

    Hope it helps.
    Sorry it's lengthy
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    Oh my GOD this has been SO helpful!! Thank you!
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    Is there an academic reference I could use for the power dynamics you have described?
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    I'm afraid my definitions are entirely my own work, Laura, and based only on my years of personal, practical experience. Feel free to quote me, though.

    Interesting, re-reading my post in the light of the Brexit "negotiations" as each side tries to persuade the other that the power dynamic is, in fact, in their favour...