Anyone have a good example of a HR CV they are willing to share?

Hi all!

I have over 10+ years plus experience in HR ranging from entry level HR adminstrator up to HR Advisor/ HR Manager and now HR Consultant.

I have a diverse skill set which i have included in my CV however after a recent professional CV review i was given the feedback that my CV is underselling my experience and i need to review it with the view of making my experience more results driven rather than outlining my responsibilities.

I do agree with this but finding it difficult to switch the language being used - my ask is therefore does anyone have any tips or guidance on how i can do this?

Has anyone got HR based CV's they could share so i could use as an example to start re-inventing mine to allow it to make more of an impact

Thank you so much in advance


  • A CV is a very personal thing, so I'm not sure it would necessarily help you. But your reviewer is probably right: a good CV will emphasize less what you've *done* and more what you've *achieved*.

    But if you wanted an exercise to help you articulate your achievements in HR more explicitly, I couldn't recommend anything more highly than the Chartership process of the CIPD. If your experience is as you say, then you should consider applying for Chartered Member status or, at least, going though the application process, as it's very well geared towards making us articulate the actual value we have added to our businesses.
  • Most HR cvs I have seen are very poor and really quite task focused. “I took part in X” or “ I wrote a policy on Y”.

    Good CVs articulate the real business benefits that you have delivered and the organisational changes you have made.

    Why is the business better because of the tasks you performed? . What business problems did you solve? It’s answering the “So what???” Questions that many can’t  or don’t do.

    Add in as many meaningful metrics as you can ( it’s amazing the number of HR CVs with no numbers on them.

    Keep it punchy. Keep it commercial and hit people with why you are a real asset that will drive the business forward rather than just a cost drain who does big standard HR.

  • In reply to Robey:

    Thanks Robey- currently undertaking chartered membership- and agree there will be elements which i can transfer across into my cv.
    Its trying to articulate all the effective useful stuff i do everyday into a format which evidences the business benefit with real tangible outputs. I shall carve out some time on a weekly basis to stop and evaluate deliverables and convert them into wins- stuff i should be doing but just dont find the time in between projects.
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    Thank you Keith- really great advice- I shall take this on board
  • Hi Safi, it may pay for you to provide a job summary of each role you have had followed by the key achievements, e.g. successfully managed a monthly payroll with (number) employees across (number of) sites, helped to roll out an updated appraisal process within set deadlines.