CIPD Level 3 or 5


I wondered if somebody could guide me.

I work as an Accounts Assistant and have decided on a career change. I have an ILM level 3 Award in management.Bu no experience in Management so far.

I was wondering if i could go straight onto LEVEL 5 of CIPD. Is level 5 quite hard.

Guidance will be appreciated

thank you

  • Hi Sumeet, Welcome to the Community :)

    I would 100% advise to begin with level 3. I have worked in HR and Recruitment positions for several years and still learnt quite alot during this course especially improving what I was already doing. I feel that the level 3 offers ground work of HR and branches in to many different sectors of the role, some you will like more than others. Level 5 will dig deeper in to the role and legislation etc so if you are not already in a HR Admin role then my recommendation would be to start with level 3.

    Best of luck and feel free to contact me if you need any help.
  • Hi Sumeet

    I am due to finish level 3 next month and i would defiantly recommend level 3 if havent got any previous HR experience. I have been in my HR role 18 months and have learnt so much from my level 3. I have been told there is a big jump between level 3 and 5.

    Good luck with your studying :)
  • Hi Sumeet
    I completed my ILM Level 3 Diploma in Leadership and Management and started my CIPD Level 5 Diploma in May. However, I do have many years' experience of management and generalist HR.
    I agree with Claire and Emma that you may be best to do the Level 3 first, especially as your ILM is the award and not the full diploma.
    Good luck :)
  • If you are undertaking a career change then read this workforcedynamics.wordpress.com/.../
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    Thank you Clare,its very kind of you to reply and I shall be taking your reply on board.
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    Thank you Emma.Your reply is much appreciated and Good Luck.
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    Thank you Lisa.
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    Thanks Paul.This is very insightful and I shall be going for Level 3 in CIPD.
    Appreciate your quick response.