Unable to complete Level 7 Diploma

I am looking for some advice on the Level 7 Advanced Diploma. I have currently completed 6 out of 8 modules but due to the stress of trying to complete the rest of the course I need to stop as it’s starting to make me ill. Does anyone know if there would be an alternative way of completing the dissertation module at a later date? Could you do an interview or exam? My provider has said that I can get a level 7 Certificate and awards for the modules I have completed so I will still have something to show for what I have done. Do you think this is likely to be viewed negatively by employers in the future? Unfortunately I have to put my health first in this situation which is why I don’t think I can continue but I’d appreciate people’s views on my situation and if you know of any work arounds. 

  • Hi Sasha

    At the end of the day if this course (and how you react to it) is causing you serious stress to make your health bad then as you say your health must come first.

    I would say a few things. Others will no doubt have other views to add.

    1. I believe there is in the pipeline a significant change to some of the CIPD qualifications. That might make picking up this qualification later more problematic. And certainly the longer your leave it.

    2. You should get in touch with student services from the CIPD to see what your options are.

    3. The Certificate is a worthwhile thing and will as you say give you something back.

    4. I do not believe you can substitute some other study for the modules you will miss but speak to the CIPD

    5. Future employers will react to this in different ways. Some will view it negatively (depending on how you tell the tale) given that HR can be a stressful job. Others will admire your perseverance.

    6. My take is that if there is any way at all now you have come so far that you can finish it. It will be tough but if you can its better to finish it and get teh qualification.
  • Hi Sasha

    If the stress is making you ill, in one respect, I feel you have no choice but to stop and I also feel you have somewhat decided on this course of action.

    However, to have completed 6 out of 8 units, is a fantastic achievement so try not to look on this negatively.

    If I was in the same position as you, I think I would take the certificate now and then if you feel up to it at some time in the future, you can always do the 2 extra units to make it up to a Diploma.

    Whatever you decide, pat yourself on the back for getting this far, pour yourself a large glass of wine and get yourself well.