Learning and Development Level 3 or Level 5


I am looking to start studying Learning Development but i'm unsure which level I should go for. I haven't studied in over 10 years and I don't have a degree or anything.I currently work (2 years) delivering a quality framework course where I deliver information to people about access to certain services. I do have to work within the framework and provide attendees content relevant to the course. I also follow evaluation processes from conducting the evaluations for the courses and providing the stats for the evaluation for the year end reports. In my previous role ( 3 years)  I delivered training on basic access to technology where I would help people gain skills so they could learn how to use technology in either 1 to 1 settings or groups settings. I again was conducting the evaluation processes and providing stats and reports for funders and year end reports.

My question is where should I start for gaining a recognised qualification in Learning and Development? I would like to maybe eventually be in the management side of things or consulting side and as mush as I might have nearly 5 years of delivering training content I just am not sure if I should go for the Level 5 straight away to gain on my experience or start at level 3 to solidify it all and then go to level 5. Finance is a factor as I need to balance family matters but I don't what to shoot myself in the foot by jumping to level 5 and not being capable of passing the course if it might be beyond my experience .

I know you can't give me all the answers I need but if you can let me know your experience and what your opinion would be based on my experience that would be helpful.


  • Hi Alan

    Welcome to the communities. Similar questions come up from time to time about levels of study so if you use the search function you might get a good insight.

    Broadly my view is that whilst many people might be able to cope with a L5 qualification and get the “certificate” those new to the profession or who haven’t great experience would do better to get a very solid foundation using the L3 and build from there.

    Best regards.
  • Hi Alan,


    I went straight in to Level 5 Diploma for L&D. At that time I was working full time in an L&D delivery role and had an HR/L&D background of 8 years when starting, and have to say it made the process easier as I could use real work examples throughout my assignments. I was living abroad, away from my family so had plenty of spare time to complete the study and assignments at the beginning. When I moved back to the UK for the final 2 assignments, I found it much harder as I didn't have as much time to dedicate to the assignments and I had to be extremely strict with myself.

    I also went from one lot of part time study to this, so was very used to studying via distance learning and setting my own pace.

    Consider the following when making your decision;
    Method of study
    The amount of time you have NOW to dedicate to study/assignments and whether that would change before completion (Level 5 Diploma is a long time commitment of 18 months)
    The level within the levels (Award, Cert, or Diploma)

    Kind regards