Reward Management- 7RWM

Hi All,

I am studying the Level 7 Reward Management module and looking to complete my final assignment- i want to ensure that i am approaching the question correctly and would really appreciate whether you can give me you thoughts on the way i plan to structure my response to ensure i am on the right thought process.

The brief is asking me to identify an area of employment where employees who do similar work are paid differently.

I then am required to justify the area of employment in relation to environmental change and organisational strategy and analyse the differences in pay between these employees within the area of employment- both transactional and relational rewards.  

My initial thoughts would be to choose equal pay particularly gender as my area of employment and focus the assignment around this.This will give me weight considering there is so many research in this area as well as being able to critically evaluate the legal implications of organisations not getting it right as well as how this may impact the psychological contract and the direction of the organisation in terms of inclusion across their workforce

Does this sound correct in terms of the way to approach it? If not- what other areas would you write about?

Thank you in advance for your time and any comments/ support would be appreciated 

  • I don't think I'd be able to link an assignment like this to my organisation directly.

    But if it were me I would maybe look at the recent cases brought against the supermarkets (Asda et al) where the shop workers are paid differently to those in the warehouse - where one is predominantly female workers and the other is male.

    But I think what you are proposing sounds good.
  • The other area you could consider are companies such as rail, airlines, airports where they have a lot of legacy grades. Companies tend to introduce new pay scales which means employees are paid differently for doing the same job. New pension schemes are introduced or annual leave is reduced to manage cost.

    Hope this helps
  • Sati - try to think in larger terms.
    "Discriminating" peoples salary levels is totally permissible for reasons that are not unlawful discrimination. try to identify the reasons why legitimate differences exist and build up arguments as to why they are legitimate.........