Completed Level 5 through ICS Learn - How long for certificate to be issued?

Hello everyone,

I've just completed my Level 5 through ICS Learn. I understand that this now needs  to go through a verification process before the certificate can be issued to me. However, I've been told that it can take 16 weeks for me to be sent the certificate. I completed the qualification in 5 months so feel a bit short changed that it will take almost as long to issue my certificate as it did for me to complete the course! Does anyone have experience with receiving their certificate through ICS Learn (I know that ultimately it comes from the CIPD but that ICS Learn have to pass the grades onto CIPD)? I'm wondering whether it does actually take 16 weeks or whether they're giving me that figure on a worst case scenario basis?

Thank you

  • Hi Nicola,

    I finished my Level 5 through ICS in August last year and i didn't receive my certificate until January! So yes, around 16 weeks sounds about right.
  • Hi Nicola

    I completed my level 3 last month and have been told 12 weeks. I guess they have alot of people finishing at this time of year.
  • A looooooong time. I also did my L5 via ICS Learn. I think the time it took was mostly due to CIPD process? Anyway, I think mine took about 5 or 6 months (aka forever).
  • Thanks everyone for the responses. Grrrrr, sounds like quite a frustrating wait then. Were you kept up to date by ICS / CIPD as to how it was progressing?
  • I did the same as you Nicola - started in Feb - finished May and received my cert around Sept I recall?
  • In reply to Nicola:

    Hi Nicola

    I didn't have any updates - i emailed ICS Student services for timescales, once they set the expectation of up to 16 weeks i just waited - i know it can be frustrating though as you've put in all the hard work and you just want your certificate!

    Well done for completing it by the way :-)
  • Hi Nicola,
    Congrats on you accomplishment!
    I am currently doing my Level 5, and strugling with unit 2 as I've never did research on busines case.

    Do you have any tips by any chance?

  • In reply to Izabela:

    Hi Izabela, the best thing that my tutor told me was to not get flustered by the CIPD calling it a 'literature review' and basically just to treat the literature review in the same way you would a normal essay. I'd also recommend that you choose a subject that you're genuinely interested in so that the research isn't a drag. I chose absence management and it was stressed to us the importance of choosing your subject and discussing it with your tutor before starting the assignment.

    Also, if there's anything in your organisation that's a genuine issue that you could add some real-world value to throught your research that will make it easier (as it will be more relatable to real-life, rather than just being academic). Hope that heps!

  • Hi Nicola

    Not sure if this is helpful or not but if you're just looking for some 'evidence' at this point to say you've completed the course then you can ask ICS to issue you a letter stating this.

    It will list modules you've completed and then at the end say that it's pending CIPD external verification. This is what i had to do back in 2017. I assume they still issue these if asked.

  • In reply to James:

    Hi James. Thanks for this. I don't need evidence at this stage but I'm just feeling impatient after putting all the work in and want the certificate! I guess I just have to wait :)
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    Hi Nicola (and others)...

    There are some FAQs for students who’ve finished studying a CIPD qualification on this page...

    Guidance for those who have finished studying

  • Hi

    I know it is not the same but I completed.my ILM Level 3 Diploma in Leadership and Management in February. I was told 8-12 weeks to receive my Diploma certificate....I am on email number 72 chasing up. I was told my cert had been approved by the EQA then it turned out she left (quickly and in suspicious circumstances) and now the new EQA has to go through my portfolio on 31 July. I should then get my certificate about 10 days later. Absolutely disgraceful and a huge cock up from start to finish with my learning provider and ILM. Oh and guess what? The ILM sent me by email a certificate of membership Level.......sent to me in error. I called them back to query and they asked me if my bank account was ****** when I said no, I could almost see her go white. GDPR fail....someone else had paid to upgrade their membership and they had accidentally given it to me.

    So now I have a lovely laminated "proof" of membership with the ILM

  • In reply to Nicola:

    Hi Nicola,

    Thank you for your advise :) I have submmited my unit 2 summative today. Now on to the unit3!
  • Oh my goodness! 16 weeks :-(

    I've just read through this trail as I just (last night) submitted my last essay, the reflective piece for my level 5 diploma and am now (not so patiently) waiting for it to be marked. *fingers crossed*

    Congrats everyone!
  • I used AheadHR and as they are already CIPD approved verifiers it didnt take too long. Sent last assignment in March, internal verification by mid April and my certificate by mid May.