Value of L7 Advanced Awards to refresh knowledge?


It's been over 10 years since I completed my HR qualification (L7) and with currently taking a career break, I am considering completing 1 or 2 L7 Advanced awards to update my skills and knowledge. 

The following courses with ICS Learn have caught my eye - Leadership and Development Management, Resourcing and Talent Management, Learning and Talent Development.  Online flexibility and cost effectiveness are important considerations to me. 

Advice appreciated...do these courses offer the best way to update my knowledge or are you able to suggest an alternative? Anyone studied these modules - how do you rate the content and what benefits have your experienced transferring learning back into the workplace?

Thank you!

  • Hi Liz, I take it you did the PDS then? The current L7 qualification only has 2 exams on modules which I don't think you are interested in doing, the assignments on all modules seem to be a totally different kettle of fish, the words formative and summative seem to pop up a lot. I would look at modules that you may not have covered in the PDS, however, be aware that distance learning providers do not offer all the modules. If it was the PDS that you did then an alternative could be topping it up to masters or if you did indeed do a full masters in HRM, then why not look at doing another specialising in a subject