Level 3 to 5 - How difficult


I'm currently studying level 3 through ICS learn.  I started at the beginning of June and hopeful to finish by the end of the year (just starting module 6 or 8).

I don't have a degree, my last formal qualification was a diploma in insurance around 10 years ago.  

The modules haven't been difficult, but more time consuming in understanding what you should include in order to keep the word count down.

I'm considering moving onto level 5 but not sure how much harder this is?  I'm 40 years old and have had a sudden career change (no prev HR experience), I'm working for a company which employs 75 people and I'm the hr team! Although i have managed to convince them that they need a consultant to offer advice on policies and procedures.

I'm just not sure whether i can balance level 5 with work and two young children?

Any advice on the difference in moving from 3 to 5 would be appreciated. Also whether level 5 with ICS is a good thing?  Tutors on level 3 have been hit and miss!