Which qualification should I study?

Apologies if this is duplicating some previous posts. I did look through some similar but I still feel slightly lost. 

I have worked in recruitment for 10 years and I have some exposure to HR but I can't claim that I have direct HR experience. 

I'm keen to study and gain a CIPD qualification but I am unsure where to start. 

I would like to take the option that is the lowest financial commitment (I already have a degree) - but I'm aware this is a financial investment. 

I'm just very keen to hear any advice on which path to take, which level to study and any advice on reputable providers would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you

  • Hi Hollie. I recently had a career change from Sales to HR (albeit 5 years with the same Company) - I chose to study the Level 5 instead of the 3 as I have previous experience as a Manager dealing with recruitment, disciplinary etc. I also decided to take the apprenticeship route too as CIPD was supported by Mansfield College. Although I have to travel there for lectures once a week (only 40 miles), the support i have has really helped me and you can also gain experience and ideas from your fellow learners. I understand that this isnt the best route for everyone, its has helped me hugely

    I have currently completed the first 2 modules and have eased into the Level 5 Diploma with ease. So don't worry about not having the experience, there is an awful lot of help out there. You also get paid membership to the CIPD website and all of the information and guides that it has.

    If your business wants to progress you further and are a levy paying company, this could be a great route for you but they will need to provide you with 20% on job time to study and go to college

    Let me know if you need anything else