next career move

Hello All,

I will appreciate any and all advice regards what sorts of things I should be doing to (eventually) progress my career.

I have two years' recent experience at HR Advisor-level, and recently converted my Level 5 Certificate in HRM into a Diploma.  Previous to this I worked in the HR department at Aviva, and the L&D department of Kier.

I am pretty content and satisfied in my current role with a chemical manufacturer, but I am planning ahead for the next 12 months or so when I know I'll want to move on.  Whilst I am gaining fantastic experience at my current employer, the HR department is only 3 FTE; my manager, has no plans to move on, like ever, so I have no opportunity to progress if I stay put.

So my question is, to help me to progress to say, Senior HR Advisor, HR BP, or HR Manager, what could / should I be doing?  I have established costs and timescales associated with beginning CIPD Level 7 - should I go for it?  Is that a no-brainer? Outside of work, I self-fund training (project management, IT) and network (attended a recent HR meeting re employee engagement) to bolster my CV / skills.

Thanks in advance,


  • Its all about delivery and experience. Gain as much experience as a high level as you can and get some excellent results on your CV.

    L7 will wait (IMO) till you are in a role that merits it. For now just focus on adding value and expanding your roles.
  • If you can, I would speak openly to your manager about your career goals and ask for opportunities to complete projects and casework that might feel more appropriate for someone in the manager role. Experience that you can talk about and build upon is invaluable for the next stage - and the ability to refer to it on your CV will help you with the chance of being shortlisted.