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Hello all...

I am currently doing my CIPD Diploma in HR and also looking to start my career in HR.

My work experience is around working in schools in different administrative positions (PA, Exams, Admin, Attendance). I don't have HR experience besides minute-taking during HR meetings and a bit of recruitment.

I just wanted to get some insights or advice from HR professionals in regards to how best to address my lack of knowledge when applying for jobs. What should I say in the cover letter or interviews to turn into a positive thing?

After 1 month, I have had 1 interview only and unfortunately didn't get it due to lack of experience. I have applied for many that say they accept people working towards CIPD and never end up successful, so I am feeling very deflated... 

Any insights, websites (PM Jobs is great, but so many with recruitment agencies that never respond), positive experiences would be much appreciated

Thank you

  • What level jobs are you applying for?
  • In reply to Fiona:

    I have been applying for anything that is entry level ie. HR Assistant, HR Administrator and some other positions that say that they do not require experience.
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    I think you need to just keep at it - I know it's disheartening but there's a lot of applicants. Is there any way that you could get involved with some HR type work where you are so you could include these in your CV?
  • Hi, I was in a similar position. I had been in corporate comms for many years but had some exposure to recruitment, HR projects etc. I was offered a role as a recruiter by a home care company (who are aways desperate for staff!) and did this alongside my CIPD L3. After about 9 months I moved jobs into an HR and Office Manager role which was much more my 'bag' and I have just completed CIPD - so there is hope!
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    It is impossible to ask for this at my current employer. It's a private school and they will never give me access to HR information
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    Thanks for the good experience Sarah and congrats!
    I have been looking for two months now and feel extremely unmotivated as I keep getting constant no's.
  • In reply to Sara:

    Two months isn't that long. there's huge competition for entry level HR roles but like the lottery says, you've got to be in it to win it. Don't get disheartened. It might be worth getting someone to check your CV if you aren't getting many interviews (and I've found employment agencies sometimes have odd ideas about these, so someone else!). Try and build a relationship with a small local employment agency rather than the big names.
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    I was actively applying for 8 months before an opportunity came my way, don't give up!
  • It is worth having a few different versions of your CV so that each job role and personal statement is tailored to the specific job that you are applying for (administrator, advisor, coordinator etc.). Best of luck for the job hunting, keep at it and don't lose hope!