CV assistance

Hi guys

I am after a little bit of advice, I am almost half way through my level 3 in HR and have been applying for jobs on  regular basis.

I have no actual experience in HR, although i was a team leader for several years so certain functions in that role i was carrying out. Although i left that role and i now work in warehouse, i am struggling to get any good responses from the jobs i am applying for.

I am thinking i may need to update my CV to help me stand out more.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

kind regards


  • Hi Stacey, it is hard to advise without seeing your CV. However my advice would be that you make sure your CV is clear and well-presented with an easy to read font such as Verdana or Calibri. Double and triple check for grammar and spelling mistakes. Have a short profile at the top which explains what you have done and what you are looking to do next and avoids overused phrases and buzzwords.

    List your skills and give a bit of detail to quantify these- so if you can use Excel to a good standard, give a couple of examples of what you can do. Keep the information concise and to the point- try to look at the CV through the eyes of the employer.

    Don't feel you need to put everything on you have ever done- a good piece of advice I was given was that the purpose of a CV is to get you the interview and the purpose of the interview was to get you the job. On the other hand, make sure your job history is clear and easy to follow.

    The job boards have a lot of useful advice and Monster has a good template which I often send out to candidates.

  • Hi Stacy
    My name is abid and I am in the same position as you I was wondering if you could help me write a cv in a way which I could land my first hr job role as I have been applying constantly and I have also passed my level 3 and still no luck
    Thank you