Level 5 Diploma - Employment Law assignment


I am after a little bit of advice please.  In completing my employment law assignment, when it comes to citing case law is it acceptable to reference the case in the body of the assignment without necessarily summarising the case (using Harvard referencing)?  I have a few where I have provided a short summary but quite frankly, with a limited word counts of 240 word per assessment criteria (each learning outcome has either 2 or 3 assessment criteria) providing more than just a reference is proving impossible!! 

Also, is referencing one case per learning outcome sufficient or would I need to cite 1 for each assessment criteria?  Again, the word count is very limiting!  

Many thanks


  • Hi Roberta, when I did my Employment Law assignment for Level 5 we were allowed to summarise a case in a text box and this text was not included in the word count - may be worth checking this with your tutor. As you say, very hard to describe each case and stick within the word count!
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    Hi Amy,

    thank you. We are not allowed to add a text box, footnotes or an appendix unfortunately.
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    Hi Roberta
    I passed my employment law assignment two weeks ago. I did write the case law examples in my first draft but at the time of submission, I couldn't include the case law examples due to the tight word count. So, I omitted it but I still managed to pass the exam. So don't worry too much of including the case law examples, my tutor too advised me the same.
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    HI Kethees,
    thank you, that's very encouraging. I am now at the "editing" phase AKA bringing down the word count....and it's heading that way. I cannot see any other option without compromising the content.
  • I didn't give any details of the case but I did state how that case related to or underpinned the point I had made. Perhaps you could reference the case and have an appendix with a brief summary of it?
  • For my assignment, I just put "whoever -v- whoever" and didn't go into detail about it, just that they can see you are aware.