Level 5 Diploma Human Resources

Hello all.

iv just started my Level 5 with ICS Learn but feel abit lost. Iv not got alot of experience with HR other than sitting in a few performance investigations as note taker and working as team leader/ duty manager level in retail for 10yrs so iv done some basic development plans with colleagues working under me. After a brief talk with ICS over level 3 and 5 they advised level 5 should be fine for me. Since iv started though even the first assignment seems daunting, not used to all this referencing authors and cipd practices etc.

Has anyone else here done level 5 with very limited experience? How much material should I be reading at a time etc? Seems like alot of new information to take in but not much in terms of direction with the online course so far.

All help and direction is greatly appreciated as dont want to give up when iv only just started, and really want to get through this course

Thanks all

  • Hi Adam,

    I’ve recently completed level 5 and although I’ve been within a HR team for 5 years, 3.5 were spent in L&D so my “HR” experience was quite limited. I also hadn’t carried any official learning since my GCSE’s 15 years ago.

    I was also very daunted when I was given my first assignment, but all I’d say is please do not give up, take advantage of your tutor and ask as many questions as you need to! I’d never referenced in my life, but found the website citethisforme an absolute godsend!!!

    I also found it helpful to speak to other members of my HR team at work on certain assignment briefs, just to get ideas and starting points really.

    Good luck and once you see that first ‘pass’ on your first submitted assignment your confidence will rocket!